Ethics and Financial Well-Being

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Ethics and Financial Well-Being

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With over 50% of Americans having less than $10,000 saved for retirement, financial stress is a major health and productivity issue. In this presentation, Chuck Gillespie will discuss the need for a focused strategy for financial wellness, and how money issues create moral and ethical dilemmas for employers and employees.

Learning Objectives

  • The need to educate all employees young and old on financial related issues
  • The ethical dilemma of delayed retirement and its effect on innovation, productivity, retention and succession planning
  • Retirement or student loans – what should employers help fund?
  • What to pay for and what not to pay for as an employer?
  • The fine art of balancing privacy issues with financial wellness.
Chuck Gillespie
Presenter Chuck Gillespie

With over 25 years of experience working in all facets of business, Chuck Gillespie has seen firsthand the importance of both organizational intelligence and organizational health. As a partnership consultant with Nyhart, Chuck works with employers across the United States on the integration of a life cycle financial wellness initiative. He is the former Executive read more . . .

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