Instant Recess with Melicia C. Whitt Glover Ph.D. FACSM

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Instant Recess with Melicia C. Whitt Glover Ph.D. FACSM

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Instant Recess

Look around you. Less than 5% of Americans meet the daily minimum activity recommendation. Over 35% of adults are obese and 17% of children. Healthcare spending has tripled since 1990 along with the size of our waistlines. A simple 10% decrease in inactivity could decrease healthcare spending by $150 million per year. Benefits of mid-day activity breaks include:

    • Appetite Weight blood pressure waistline


    • Precent of body fat


    • Fatigue and drowsiness


    • Stress and anxiety


    • Harmful effects of prolonged sitting


    • Urge to smoke


    • Self-esteem self-efficacy


    • Energy levels and alertness


    • Sleep quality and duration


    • Mood calmness and relaxation


    • Speed and accuracy of data-entry


    • Engagement of inactive individuals


    • Fruit and vegetable intake


    • Water consumption


    • Overall physical activity (Including outside of work)


    • Supportive work environment

Instant Recess is a MOVEment of ACTIVE-ists dedicated to making America healthier 10 minutes at a time. By introducing brief activity breaks in the middle of the day we can make activity the norm.

Presenter Melissa Rehrig
Deputy Executive Director

Melissa Rehrig MPH MCHES is the Deputy Executive Director for the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing Inc. Melissa oversees projects related to communicating messages about health education certification and NCHEC to various audiences. She serves as staff liaison to NCHEC's Marketing Committee the publication editor of NCHEC NEWS Bulletin and the production editor for read more . . .

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