Rethinking Benefits Consumerism and Incentives Strategies with Wendy Lynch

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Rethinking Benefits Consumerism and Incentives Strategies with Wendy Lynch

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Rethinking Benefits Consumerism and Incentives Strategies: Benefits and Compensation Policies That Improve Both Health and Business Outcomes

Are your benefit dollars buying better health and performance? After decades of corporate investment in wellness and condition management healthcare costs continue to rise and few employers report having a healthy productive workforce. Is the answer MORE spending on wellness or health management? Or is it time for a different approach to both health and performance?

Every business has finite resources to dedicate to labor costs and every dollar spent on benefits is a dollar not spent on training compensation technology and other productivity-enhancing investments. What is the optimal mix of rewards and health investments? The answer may come as a surprise to many.

This program will help employer manage costs and optimize performance regardless of the design of health coverage. Strategies include aligning performance goals and increasing transparency.

Wendy Lynch a nationally recognized expert on health and human capital will show how compensation and benefits designs may have as much influence on employee health (and personal health management) than any health education or behavior change program. Attendees will hear examples about how to connect pay time-off consumer-directed plan design and performance measurement to optimize business outcomes and motivate employees. Using illustrations of incentives and benefits design Wendy will explore how the current employer-sponsored healthcare system creates perverse incentives that actually discourage healthy behaviors and encourage benefits utilization. Participants will also learn how a performance-based approach shifts incentives such that they enhance employee health productivity performance and business outcomes.

Learning Objectives


    • List four examples of misaligned incentives that increase health and absence costs.


    • Describe the difference between shared rewards and shared responsibilities


    • Provide at least two factors (besides health status) that influence health care costs.
Presenter Wendy D. Lynch Ph.D
Co-Director Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care Altarum Institute / Founder Lynch Consulting

For almost 20 years, Dr. Wendy Lynch has been making the connection between human and business performance. Her career has included roles as faculty at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Vice president of Strategic Development at HCMS Group, Principal at Mercer Human Resource Consulting and on the Board of Directors for two publicly-traded read more . . .

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