The War Against Cancer: Endless by Design?

Sayer Ji
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The War Against Cancer: Endless by Design?

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The War Against Cancer: Endless by Design?

Modern cancer treatment still draws from technology derived from weapons of mass cruelty and destruction (e.g. nitrogen mustard/chemo and radioisotopes/radiotherapy) despite their well known carcinogenicity. Cancer is generally still viewed as a fundamentally chaotic process driven by mutation rather than what it is: an ancient and surprisingly well-ordered survival mechanism unmasked in response to radically altered conditions associated with modern living. The metaphoric of war and the psychology of fear that underpins it also drives cancer pathogenicity (adrenaline-activated multidrug cancer resistance/nocebo-induced death). The colossal failure of the conventional medical system to prevent and treat cancer is driving natural medical therapies back into the forefront after many years of ignorance and suppression (phytocompounds exhibit selective cytotoxicity and cancer stem cell targeting properties).

Learning Objectives


    • How declaring war against cancer drives it into greater malignancy.


    • How understanding cancer’s true nature will enable us to prevent and in some cases cure it.


    • How the increasing impotence of conventional treatments is making a natural medical Renaissance inevitable.


Sayer Ji
Presenter Sayer Ji
Founder Green Med Info

Sayer Ji is the founder and director of the world's largest open access evidence-based natural medicine database and co-author of the book The Cancer Killers: The Cause Is The Cure. His writings and research have been referenced and published widely both in print and online.

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