WHEN WELLNESS WORLDS COLLIDE: Wellness Critics Respond To Attack

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WHEN WELLNESS WORLDS COLLIDE: Wellness Critics Respond To Attack

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When Wellness Worlds Collide – the first webinar to contrast the current worksite wellness model — pressuring employees to – fill out forms – poking them with needles?and sending them to the doctor — with the emerging – evidence  based model of creating a culture of well-being.

The current model sees employees as unruly children who need to be pressured prodded and shamed into taking care of their health. In stark contrast this emerging model treats employees like adults; asking what they need creating a work environment that nurtures those needs and thereby setting the stage for improving personal and organizational health and productivity.


When Wellness Worlds Collide was conceived in response to the recent Wellsteps webinar in which those who choose to critique the current path that programs are taking were belittled with name-calling and half-truths. This ?response? is not a rebuttal but rather a new worldview like Copernicus supplanting Ptolemy.


Presenters will include: Vik Khanna, Al Lewis, Jon Robison Ph.D. MS, and Rosie Ward Ph.D. Each brings a wealth of experience and a unique and pointed view of the manifest shortcomings of conventional wellness approaches. But more importantly each see a better way of doing things through not through over-medicalizing the workplace and coercing people into joining programs and changing behaviors but through the process of transforming cultures to improve the well-being of employees and organizations. Each will address specific aspects of a previous webinar that were omitted misleading or clearly not – evidence or science based – and will supply resources and references for further investigation.

Unlike most webinars you’ve attended When Wellness Worlds Collide will be “”virtual open mic.? Any and all ongoing feedback will be viewable and addressed live as time permits and the entire chat transcript with answers will be viewable to all post webinar at HPLive.org ? a true open debate on the future of employee and organizational well-being. This unique format ? in which statements by the presenters can be quickly challenged by attendees ? contrasts dramatically with tightly moderated webinars which leaves many attendees fuming because their questions and comments pointing out the obvious errors and assumptions are ignored.

We invite you to actively participate not just attend.. It is time to move wellness into the 21st century ? We believe this will be an inspiring and exciting beginning to that journey.

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Alfred Lewis
Presenter Alfred Lewis
Founder and President Disease Management Purchasing Consortium International, Inc.

Al Lewis is founder and President of the Disease Management Purchasing Consortium International, Inc. (DMPC--www.Dismgmt.com) DMPC is by far the leading outcomes measurement evaluator in the field of disease management and wellness for health plans, self-insured employers, states, and brokers seeking valid results measurement. He also confers the only recognized certifications in two areas. The read more . . .

Presenter Dr. Jon Robison

Jon Robison holds a doctorate in health education/exercise physiology and a master of science in human nutrition from Michigan State University where he has been teaching for 20 years in the Nutrition and Physiology Departments as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. Dr. Robison is also adjunct Associate Professor at Western Michigan University where he teaches in read more . . .

Presenter Dr. Rosie Ward

Dr. Rosie Ward is a consultant, professional coach and author known as a thought leader who challenges the status quo, pushes boundaries and engages people and organizations to find success through shifting old, ineffective thinking habits. She has a diverse background with over 20 years of experience promoting well-being, employee engagement, and transforming organizations in read more . . .

Vikram Khanna
Presenter Vikram Khanna
Healthcare and Fitness Expert

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