Designing Compassionate Cultures: A Survival Imperative for Business and Humanity

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Designing Compassionate Cultures: A Survival Imperative for Business and Humanity

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A new story is emerging throughout society as we wake up to the human and business value of caring and compassion. Compassionate environments, cultures, and relationships—in our workplaces, with our families and friends, and in our communities—can all significantly influence employee health and thriving as well as the ultimate success of our organizations. Compassionate organizations can, in turn, positively influence communities, societies, and the local and global natural ecosystem.

This webinar will explore a synthesis of principles and practices from a diverse array of disciplines that can help us design “omni-compassionate” organizations that foster well-being and encourage deeper connection with ourselves, with other human beings, and with our natural environment. The long-term success of our societies, our organizations, and humanity, depends on whether we embrace and elevate a sense of caring and compassion to the highest possible priority in our policies, in our organizational practices, and in our hearts.

Learning Objectives

  • Webinar participants will learn about the personal and business value of helping employees create deeper connection with and compassion for themselves and with others.
  • Participants will learn about designing compassionate, creative and inspiring work environments that support collaborative engagement in meaningful work, where employees find support, autonomy, respect, value, and challenge.
  • Participants will understand how inspiration from and compassion for nature can help organizations strive toward regenerative cultures in an effort to do more good than harm in support of healthier people, healthier organizations, and a healthier planet.
Presenter Jennifer Pitts, Ph.D.
Founder of The Institute for Positive Organizational Health

Dr. Pitts is founder of The Institute for Positive Organizational Health (The Institute; and co-founder of Edington Associates, LLC, . She has a doctorate in social psychology, a master’s degree in experimental psychology, a bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences, and completed a 2-year AHRQ postdoctoral fellowship in health policy and health services research at read more . . .

Webinar Features

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  • Evals 1
  • Duration 1 hour
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
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  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Self
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