Strategies for Creating Fun, Effective and Engaging Employee Communications

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Strategies for Creating Fun, Effective and Engaging Employee Communications

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The way you communicate, and what you communicate, shapes how your employees feel about working there. Yet organizations often fail to prioritize corporate communication, to the detriment of their entire workplace culture.

Regular communication with employees sends the message that you value them as whole people. And consistent, meaningful communication can strengthen the employee-employer relationship. And when that relationship is strong, everyone wins: the employees, the employer, and the customers, clients, or patients.

You’ll come away from this webinar with immediately-useful tips and insider tricks from our 30+ years of experience producing engaging employee communications and leave with a blueprint of how to produce your own communications, or evaluate a vendor’s options, plus creative options.

Learning Objectives

  • You’ll receive a comprehensive blueprint for how to develop effective employee communications, from the components necessary for a successful strategic plan to key considerations for developing content.
  • How to start the process, and the key players to include.
  • How to keep your communications fresh and relevant to your audience.
  • Tips to determine if you should produce communications in-house or use a vendor.
Presenter Jennifer Cronin
Copy Editor @ Hope Health

An avid runner and foodie who loves to create healthful concoctions, Jen’s goal is to help others embrace — and enjoy — a healthful lifestyle by writing inspiring, engaging, and fun articles that focus on simple changes people can make to improve their lives. Jen has more than 16 years of writing, editing, and project read more . . .

Webinar Features

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