Balancing Wellness and the Critical Role of Emotional Health

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Balancing Wellness and the Critical Role of Emotional Health

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Like the four wheels of a car, inflating just one won’t provide optimal performance. All must be supported in the same way we must balance the four primary areas of health for optimal wellness. Unfortunately, one area is typically neglected and could have the greatest impact on your happiness and ability to thrive in and out of the workplace. We’ll take a deep-dive into Emotional Health and why it could be the missing link to wellness and success especially when it comes to the “soft metrics” such as culture, engagement, retention and productivity.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will gain an alternative perspective on overall health and wellness and its impact on outcomes.
  • Participants will learn the contributing factors to emotional health and how it presents in people.
  • Participants will be challenged to gain insight into personal and organizational emotional health.
  • Participants will be given techniques to nurture their personal and organizational emotional health.
Kevin R. Strauss
Presenter Kevin R. Strauss
Wellness Specialist

Kevin R. Strauss, M.E. is a Wellness Specialist, entrepreneur and inventor known for solving difficult problems with surprisingly simple solutions. As a biomedical engineering, Mr. Strauss has earned 70+ patents, 10+ research publications and two industry awards for innovation in behavior modification, spinal implants and psychology. Over the past 17-years, he has investigated behaviors' root read more . . .

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