Global Perspective on Work Site Health & Wellness

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Global Perspective on Work Site Health & Wellness

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This session will present the latest global trends and business issues driving health and well-being in the workplace for employers around the world, and highlight the business-driven cultural and operational differences among countries that health promotion professionals must understand when designing global workplace wellness programs. Evidence will include findings from the latest global wellness study of more than 1,200 employers (representing over 13 million employees in 47 countries) sponsored by Buck Consultants. Other new developments in international workplace health promotion will be discussed, such as the global guidance for healthy workplaces recently developed by the World Health Organization, and the World Economic Forum’s Working Toward Wellness Initiative.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the latest global trends in health promotion strategy
  • Explore the most critical business objectives and health issues driving global employer investments in health promotion

Wolf Kirsten
Presenter Wolf Kirsten
Founder and President of International Health Consulting

Wolf Kirsten is Founder and President of International Health Consulting based in Tucson, Arizona and Hamburg, Germany ( His consulting portfolio is truly global, advising companies on health and well-being strategies such as Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Siemens and SAP in many regions of the world. He currently is the President of the International Association read more . . .

Presenter Barry Hall

Barry is a Principal with Buck Consultants a global human resource consultancy where he leads research and innovation and consults with employers to maximize the health and productivity of their global workforce. Barry is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a recognized thought leader in health promotion and technology with 30 years of read more . . .

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